Our Story

In 2008, a group of youth-researchers from the Mestizo Arts & Activism Collective (link) created Edúcate as a result of a youth-led and youth-centered community-based research project. Edúcate, then Edúcate X Cambio, began as a blog with the mission of informing our various communities in Salt Lake City and Utah about the educational opportunities available for undocumented students, in particular, those in regards of accessing higher education. Our overarching goal was for every student to have an opportunity to follow their dreams. Within a few months, we were lucky to begin to see the impact Edúcate had on students, parents, support systems, and professionals. Through community presentations and workshops we had the incredible opportunity to work directly with wonderful people, and witness the impact Edúcate had in our communities; this was the driving energy that led us to continue the work.

Our Website & Logo: From the power fist blog to the magpie overseer site

When Edúcate started in 2008, our logo included a left power fist and stars to represent justice and the reaching of all goals. The logo served as a constant reminder of our work; one centered on equity and justice in education, and one centered in the American Dream many of our parents left our countries of birth to pursue. In 2011, after a long-overdue change in blog design and style, we changed blog colors from burgundy to blue, and decided to move the position of the power fist and make it more realistic: a sign of so-longed blog maturity. We also moved our blog from one server to another to better serve our needs as a blog. The transition was absolutely necessary as it gave us more freedom with the blog and allowed us to track blog traffic much more efficiently. Our work with Edúcate continued online, and equally important, in the community.

In 2012, it was finally time for our blog to become a website. After long hours of much-needed re-envisioning and work, Edúcate-Utah.org was born. With a new website, so came the need of a new logo. Our new logo, the geometric indigenous-esque inspired magpie—a bird and symbol dear to us for many reasons; however, mostly because it represented our beloved mentor, Matt Bradley (RIP 1970-2012), gave us new energy to move forward. In 2012, along with our new website, we began hosting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) workshops. This also led to the development of presentations and workshop pamphlets now available in our site, and the inclusion of information on State and Federal level policies impacting undocumented and now DACAmented students.

It is now 2015, and we are still here. We cannot believe how much Edúcate has grown from a blog to a site devoted to serving the undocumented, DACAmented and ally communities in Utah, and whoever else may benefit from this information across the US. Many challenges have been presented; however, the time is here again to re-envision and reinvent. As you will see, our logo has been revamped. We added the outline of the State of Utah and placed a magpie on top: the overseer. We believe Matt is watching over us, and similarly, he is there watching over every student who has ganas de salir adelante. We deeply believe education is the key to a better future, not only economically, but in every sense: community, family, individually, spiritually, and so forth.

We thank Matt Bradley, Caitlin Cahill, David Quijada, Gina Alvarez, Leticia Alvarez, Martha Bradley-Evans, Rosey Hunter, Enrique Alemán, Jr. and Dolores Delgado Bernal for your invaluable contributions, support and trust in the work we do.

We also thank everyone who visits Edúcate, for your energy (and your stats) lets us know that the work we have dedicated parts of our lives to is being utilized and the resources being accessed. We know that a better future is possible, and that tod@s ustedes lo van a lograr.